Appreciating the Divine in the mundane (intermediate)

A sunrise is happening at all times. It travels slowly around the world over and over again. Like a wave of light and color, it brings life to life. It's beauty is unrivaled. It awakens the soul to behold. What is a sunrise?

Often nature journalers are looking for the unknown to document. We are insanely curious about things we do not understand. It's where the edges of the unknown become known that we seek out. It's thrilling to be cutting edge, an explorer, and a discoverer. But when is the last time you observed something that you may take for granted, like the sun rising?

In the next page of your journal pick something simple that you observe on a daily basis and think about just how incredible it really is. It is no wonder that our wonder wanes as we get older. A sunrise? I see one every day so it must not be special...

But it is.

All of nature has treasures to explore. We see some of them every day but it is with exploring with deep reverence and understanding that we can really come to appreciate the intricate beauty that surrounds us. See it, ponder it, feel it, then record it in the ways that make your heart sing.