Take a Field Trip

Remember when you were in grade school and your teacher would take you on a class trip once a year? Where did they take you? Probably a museum, a park, or on a hike.

These trips were meant to engage you in an interactive learning experience just like we do when we take our journals out into nature.

This is the basic concept of nature journaling. We are taking ourselves on a "field trip".

I will encourage you even if you don't have children yourselves to go on a field trip! Where would you like to go?

I bet you'll find nature there...

Here's are a few FREE places you could go:

Your backyard (if you have one)

A local park within walking distance (walking there also gives you a chance to see things you might miss by car)

Your friends flower garden

A nature preserve

A neighborhood pond

The beach

The pet store

A plant nursery

A farm if you know a farmer

Here are a few PAID places you could go:

Botanical garden



Natural History Museum

State park

National park


Obviously there are a lot more places you could go you just need to get creative.

TIP: Sometimes free places are better for nature journaling just because a lot of times when you pay to go somewhere you feel the need to "see everything" and you may not be able to stand sitting to journal for more than a couple minutes. These paid places also tend to be more busy and it will be very distracting to draw while people are walking past you.

Start with the free options until you gain experience in your practice. You'll save yourself and your family from a potentially stressful time at the zoo :)