8 Things Nature Journalers Do That Average People Don't

1. Interact with nature

A precursor of becoming a naturalist is to be outside. Furthermore, it is your mission to interact with nature by recording, listening, and engaging with it. It is only by having experiences that we begin to find inspiration. Your relationship with nature starts with you.

2. See the world more fully

Look and look closely. What are you missing? Observation is a skill. Great artists and naturalists are able to see what others pass by.

3. Write about your observations Writing is a beautiful source of creative inspiration that serves to enhance your journal with another form of art, the written word. Descriptions can be just as powerful, if not more so than a drawing.

4. Ask lots of questions

Questions bring you closer to the object by wondering about the things you see, you'll become aware of things that you cannot see. Creative genius lies in the unexplored places.

5. They are extraordinarily curious

Pretend you don't know when you think you might have an answer. Become curious about the obvious or if you are an experienced biologist, go deeper.

6. Acknowledge beauty in the mundane Record and appreciate what you find in nature. The more time you spend with something the more beautiful it can become. Nature journaling isn't just about writing and drawing nature, it is a lifestyle based in acknowledging the beauty all around us.

7. Love plants and animals

Nature is not a thing, it is made up of so many living things and each is unique in it's own right. Diversity is my favorite part of nature because it is made up of endless forms, patterns, and colors.

8. Explore where you are

It's in our nature to get out and explore. We explore all the cracks and crevices. Exploration can be time-consuming or not. It is up to you how you want to spend your days. Nature journalers can't help but to spend time outdoors.