Finding Inspiration from Fiction (advanced)

Some of the most inspiring sources of nature writing come from books of fiction. We can see the imagination of the author playing out in our minds and sometimes those creatures and worlds come to life in movies.

We can find inspiration for nature journaling amongst the pages of books when it's too cold to get outside to explore. Fictional stories can help us get into a curious mindset that will aid us in our writings and drawings.

Some of my favorite fiction books are those with wild creatures and magical worlds. Most of these books have animals as the main characters like Watership Down by Richard Adams where the main characters are rabbits that talk and go on adventures in a human world.

Some questions that may come up from reading anthropomorphic animal books are:

  • How might these animals interact in real life?

  • Is their secret world similar to our home life?

  • Can they talk to each other and understand what each other are saying?

It's fun to imagine a secret world within our own. Your nature journal writings could be a source of entertainment for you where you explore these types of questions and draw illustrations for your story based on what you observe in real life.

Children are very good at this practice but I've found myself drifting toward a fanciful world of my own where life is in full color and animals talk.

Your journal can be a place to imagine the impossible. There are no rules stating that you can only do accurate scientific recordings. Make it yours. Make it unique.