Bringing Nature Indoors

This is a topic that is so near and dear to my heart. I am absolutely obsessed with making my home a part of nature. Let's discover a few simple and clean ways you can bring nature into your home too.

Let's address the most obvious one first. It will come as no surprise to you that my house is full of houseplants. It is important when looking for plants for your home you observe how much sunlight comes into your spaces and specifically where you plan to put your plants. Sunny window sill? You better get one that can handle it. Dark corner of the bedroom? There are ferns that love shade that might be perfect for that spot too but don't even try to put a succulent there because it will not love it.

The less obvious options...

What about dried flowers and plants?

The subtle tones of dried foliage can be really beautiful against the neutral palette of winter. Try making or buying a wreath made of grasses or simply put them in the same vase you might fill with summer flowers. They add a lovely elegance to any space especially if you wrap the bundle with some yarn or a ribbon.

You may have some beautiful plant bits or rocks you've collected over the summer. You can use these in a type of curiosities display where you take a shelf or a display with lots of spaces and set them in it to create a shadow box. For some people this can look sort of messy so the other option would be to actually buy a shadow box with a glass front and glue or tack your findings within it, hang it on the wall or pop it onto your bookshelf. I've also used a Riker display case for showing off the shark teeth I've collected from the beach to good effect. These are great for more delicate objects so they don't get lost or broken.

A simple and effective way to bring the feel of nature indoors is to use more natural materials in your home decor. This means real linen or wool or jute. Raw wood shelves instead of painted. Natural materials are easy to find in resale and vintage stores since modern materials weren't as prevalent back then.

Lastly you can bring nature indoors with the smells of essential oils. What a simple way to get your house to smell like the forest! Juniper or scotch pine for earthy smells. Grapefruit or sweet orange for a pick me up. Lavender or rosemary for a calm or reflective afternoon under blankets.

Start thinking outside the box (literally outside your house) for more subtle ways you can bring nature into your most occupied spaces indoors. It's a great way to bring some life into your nature-free spaces.