A New Age of Learning

If there is one thing that I've been hearing over and over it is that our education system is broken. No matter your own views on the topic the fact is that there have been other, more effective ways to learn in the past. For instance, an apprenticeship.

We can sense we are coming into a new age of learning. With the ability for all of us to have the internet in our pockets, facts and figures are becoming less essential to memorize (has memorizing facts ever been valuable apart from winning on Jeopardy?).

The new education system will focus on learning how to learn. The meta-skill of understanding how you learn can help you in all disciplines of life including relationships, emotional resilience, health and nutrition, habits and routines, communication, and what I call your craft.

Ultimately we learn by thinking, discussing, and doing then going back to the drawing board to make corrections and see where we can improve.

Creative Naturalist was built as a platform to help you learn to think critically about nature and the Mighty Networks group is where our discussions occur. We then encourage each other to go out and improve, make mistakes and learn something new together.

A group like this takes learning to the next level.

We are acting as a peer-supported learning group. Our classroom is nature, the teacher is our observations and note taking ability and the test happens when we can transcend the boundaries of what we are learning into a real life situation.

I believe that nature is a good teacher. We learn about growth and life from nature and we can learn about sickness and death from nature. What's better than wild places though is the garden.

In the garden we learn to be good stewards. We learn about what happens if we neglect the garden or are attentive to it. It is the perfect analogy to our bodies, our relationships, and our spirituality. It can teach us about resilience, self-discipline, and growth.

Our notebooks can become a place of self-discovery as much as a place of meta-learning. It can be an external adventure as well as an internal journey.

Perhaps we as nature-journalists are on the frontier of this new age of learning...